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Can you spot a Phish?

Head over to MailFrontier’s Phishing IQ test and see how you do. A recent survey found that 80% of people cannot distinguish them. Typically I can only pick them out by looking at the actual destination that the links go to (by mousing over them). Unfortunately Internet Explorer by default hides that information from most users (if you are using web mail) and most mail clients don’t display it at all. Gee, thanks Microsoft!

My advice is if you receive an e-mail from a company you do business with then you should go to the site how you normally do (bookmark, typing it manually, etc.), and never follow links in an e-mail. The exception would be if you are absolutely positive it is legit (i.e. You are expecting the e-mail). Also beware of links on web pages. I know someone who followed a link in a web page to sign up for a Yahoo Groups list only to find out he had been redirected.

After you take the test you can request their “Top 10 Tips for Finding a Phish”.

So how did you do? I scored 90% correct. The Earthlink one threw me off.