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Hello and welcome

This is my personal blog and home page. This is not to be confused with the Boise Software Developers Group home page where I will post information related to software development and the group. These pages will be reserved for more personal information that has little or nothing to do with software development. For those who know me you might expect that I will have little or nothing to post here. Time will tell.

Originally I was going to name this blog “The Cubed Root of Uncertainty” after a book I recall reading a long time ago. I picked it up at the Boise Public Library about 8 years ago, and it was old at the time. I was never able to find any information about this book so I figured either:

  1. I made the title up for a real book I read
  2. I imagined reading the book all together
  3. I totally confused the title
  4. The book has slipped hopelessly from the public eye

Turns out I only partially had the title messed up. It was titled “The Cube Root of Uncertainty” (not Cubed) and was written by Robert Silverberg.

It was a really amusing collection of short stories about how the universe always gives you a bum deal. Some of the stories were really dark and disturbing, but I took it all as satire. I guess I am an optimist. Anyway, I found where I can buy a used copy online (or I can still check it out from the library) so I guess I will read it again. See if I remember it correctly.

The reason I picked the book is in school I used to enjoy coming up with weird mathematical operations on physical constants. Like the inverse of the speed of light. The title reminded me of that.

Instead of that title I decided to go with the one you see now “Extrapolated Facts”. I really liked the word “Extrapolate” when I was in school, so I thought this would be a fun title to show that this blog is made of opinions, but they may be stated as fact. Enjoy, and don’t get hurt!

For anyone looking for any of the stale content that used to be here, I plan to clean it up and repost it. It is all still here, but just brushed aside for now.