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New Twist on Nigerian 419 Scam

I just received this message via ICQ:

I`m a russian web designer.I have some clients in USA,who pay for my work through the bank.I need help in trasferrin money from my clients on the account in your bank,cashing through your USA account,and then transfer to me through Western Union.My money turn over-5-7000$/month.I`m ready to offer you 7%from all the money(+all other charges).If you are interested, mail to: YouMustBeStoopid(at) (mark your tel num or ICQ)

(e-mail address changed)

The ICQ number it is sent from is 247024407, which happens to not be a valid number, or it has already been canceled by ICQ.

I can see it now. I agree to help “genikuz” (my new friend) out. I receive a check, which I promptly forward to him in the form of a Western Union, minus my 7% and any fees. Then later I discover the original check was canceled or bounced, but Western Unions can’t be canceled once they are sent, so I am out the money.

I was thinking maybe I might ask my new friend to do some web design work for me up front instead of taking 7% for my services.