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This morning on the way to work I am listening to NPR. They had a local interest Boise segment by KBSU talking about Kevin Kirk. It would appear that Kevin studied music at BSU. Currently he has a piece called “Lord, Have Mercy” which is featured on All Songs Considered’s Open MIC.

When I followed the link for more on the CD Catch ‘n’ Release, which the piece came from I am taken to Kevin Kirk’s home page. Here I see that the CD was actually released by Onomatopoeia, which Kevin is a member of. As I am looking at the group photo I notice that the guy in the upper right looks familiar. Turns out it is Mike Seifrit, who I know from the IT department from the Idaho Department Juvenile Corrections. I’ve done some software work with him. Small world.

I knew Mike played Bass Guitar. He is on a few albums with Rick Springfield and one with Stan Bush. I believe he also toured with Tina Turner and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Gave it all up to program in Delphi.