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Red Eye Removal

Who all has done red eye removal of photos? I am just curious what kind of software is great for this. I have used a few different packages, but I am not convinced any are ideal. Trying to clean up all the new pictures of the baby from the digital camera.

IrfanView just cuts the red in the selected area – which changes red to black. This is fine as long as the red is confined to the pupil.

Paint Shop Pro seems more effective. It requires recreating the iris and pupil and pasting a new non-red one over the top of the red one. This is really great when the red eye is really big and glowing, and actually covers the iris. The problem is matching the iris color correctly. I hate changing the eyes in the photo anyway.

I have also manually removed the red eye, but that is very time consuming, and I am not always happy with the results. Any tips would be great!

Update: I hear that Adobe Photoshop has excellent red eye reduction. Unfortunately using Photoshop to fix red eye is like using a ICBM to shoot a canary. Using Paint Shop Pro for red eye is like using a cannon to shoot the canary.