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Audio Extraction from DVD

A friend of mine wanted me to extract the audio from a Music Video DVD he has so he can make an Mix CD. He had all but two of the songs already on CD. I did a quick search online and found
Nicky Pages’ which explains how to perform DVD Audio Extraction with GraphEdit, which is part of the Microsoft DirectX SDK. It worked pretty good, but I had a couple hurdles still to cover.

The first hurdle was that Nicky suggested using MPEG-2 Splitter or Ligos Mpeg Splitter. I tried the Ligos Mpeg Splitter first, and it seemed to work, but the audio quality was fairly poor. When I switched to the MPEG-2 Splitter the audio quality was better, but there was no progress bar.

I tried following Nicky’s instructions to compress the wave files into MP3’s, but it didn’t seem to work. Instead I fell back on AudioGrabber (Now freeware) and LAME MP3. That also failed. Said that my wave files were 48K instead of 44K, so it wouldn’t work with them. I also tried BladeEnc’s MP3 and it didn’t work either. Undaunted I switched to GoldWave, which in my opinion is the Photoshop of Wave editing. It is a bit of overkill for this task, but it performed it perfectly. I simply loaded the wave file in, then saved it as MP3 using one of the previously installed Codecs. I am pretty sure the issue compressing it was with AudioGrabber.

Now I know how to do it better for next time.