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CompUSA lack of Customer Service

I purchased my Sony Clie US-50 at CompUSA. They offer this Technology Assurance Program (or TAP) that provides you with a starter kit for your PDA as well as an extended warranty. I usually don’t got for extended warranties, but I have for my PDA’s since I have gone through quite a few of them. They get a lot of use and are easily dropped, which can break the screen (I’ve broken two screens!)

So I get home and open the TAP box only to discover that the included screen protectors don’t fit the UX-50. They have templates on them so that you can cut them to fit, but there is not template for the UX-50. I go back to CompUSA to see if they have a different or updated TAP that supports the product they sold it with. The service guy didn’t seem to care and just said “sorry” and explained the real value of the TAP was the warranty.

Rather disappointing. They sell this accessory pack with PDA’s it doesn’t support. I am surprised they just didn’t give me a roll of scotch tape in the package and tell me to make my own screen protector. While they bill the accessories as being “for your new PDA” they are obviously just free junk they can’t sell you any other way. My advice: Don’t buy a TAP except for the warranty, and don’t expect the service desk to care.

I looked and they have screen protectors for the UX-50 for another $20. Maybe I need to talk to the manager or write a letter. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Yacoubean

    Holy cow! That is soo bad! CompUSA has never been the best store to shop at, but it even thoughn it doesn’t seem possible, they manage to get worse all the time. Good luck on that one.

  2. Disturbed

    There laying off again. Everytime you think things are doing well, the company decides to lay off the only people who have an idea of what’s going on.
    This has happened over and over.
    They can’t keep people who know anything so they have a huge turnover rate, especially at the stores.
    They “don’t got it”. & If you buy from them “you’ll get it”!

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