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Firing Suppliers

Listening to the radio this morning they were talking about some police stations (Florida, Philadelphia and others) who filed suit against Ford claiming the Crown Victoria Police Interceptors were unsafe. Then they turned around and ordered some more. Ford refused to fill their orders, so they sued Ford for that too. Well a judge ruled that Ford could choose not to fill those orders.

A company has a right to choose their customers, so Ford can choose not to sell to the precincts who are involved in the class action suit. While at first this might seem like Ford’s way of discouraging precincts from joining the class action suit. Ford’s argument is that if they claim the cars are unsafe then why would they want more? It would seem to me that ordering more of a product you are already familiar with would be to give that product an endorsement. Either that or they want to buy more so they can file more suits.

The Detroit Free Press as an article about it.