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Hot Sauce

Habanero Hot SauceI found this new hot sauce at WalMart. I have only seen it in the ethnic food section of the WalMart in Nampa, Idaho, on 12th Ave., but you may be able to find it else where. It is a Habanero sauce, but isn’t so hot it is going to make your ears ring. Plus it has a really good flavor. I picked it up for only $1.38. I should go buy a few more bottles since they have a bad habit of going out of stock on something and then not getting any more.

It is called El Yucateco and claims to be an original Mayan recipe. They had three different varieties. I picked up one of each. There is a green habanero one and a chipotle one. They are both really good too. I think Tabasco’s chipotle is a little better though. The green habanero is good too, not quite as hot as the XXXTra Hot one pictured here.