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Intel’s IT Manager Game

Intel has this
IT Manager game.  Kind of like The Sims, but not
as entertaining, unless you are a computer geek I guess.  You play the
fearless IT Manager, and you must manage the IT resources of a growing company. 
I just discovered it today, and I am ranked 9th in the Asia-Pacific area (don’t
know why I am ranked in that area.)  Here are a few of the things I picked

of all, don’t use a password you use anywhere else since the first thing they do
is email you your password in plain text.  I really wish everyone would get
a clue and stop transmitting, storing and displaying passwords.  I would
have expected Intel to have at least a little bit of a clue about security. 
Also, you cannot change any of your settings or start over, but if you do
something really dumb you can close the window and it will not save any of your
progress today.

I lost 2 workers early on since I couldn’t upgrade them to Centrino’s quick
enough.  You get a new worker everyday.  I guess you could try going
to an intermediate system that is better then the no name desktops, but that
would take a lot longer to increase your productivity. 

you deploy anything but a Centrino you must next deploy a network card. 
Then you must configure it by deploying an IT Staff member.  This is true
for servers, desktops and laptops.  Also you cannot upgrade anything that
is not working.  So if one of those no-name desktops fails you must fix it
before you put in a laptop.  You will want to jump back and forward between
the work area and the meeting area using the little diagram in the corner. 
The server room will flash on the map if a server goes down, but for anything
else you need to catch it and deploy a staff member.

of all, buy laptop.  Specifically buy the Centrino one for $1500 a pop. 
It is the most expensive one, but results in the best productivity.  Since
you cannot resell excess inventory, only but the best, and only buy what you
want.  I tried the P4 laptops, with wireless network cards, and I tried the
P4 desktops with gigabit Ethernet.  The Centrino’s result in the best
productivity and greatest happiness.  So this is obviously a marketing ploy
since I had a Centrino laptop at work and it was the slowest laptop I have used
in ages.  It may just have been something about that laptop, but at this
point I would rather have a P4 laptop or desktop. 

want them to have laptops so they can take them to their meetings, which they
seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in.  You want wireless so they
can connect to the network.  The gigabit Ethernet seems to give them
slightly higher network productivity, but hardly worth the lower stats in the
other areas (especially when they are in the meetings). 

Don’t bother hiring any staff.  Even with the maximum sized company I
still seem to be able to keep everything under control with just the manager. 
Occasionally it would be nice to have two people, but that is a very rare
occasion.  Staff are hard to keep happy, and expensive.  If you do
want staff wait until much later, and be warned, training takes about a week.

Upgrade your servers before noon so you will be sure to have enough money to
buy a laptop the next morning.  Put a wireless gateway on each, and also
the GbH (or whatever it is) network card.  Don’t worry about switches, you
won’t use them since everything is wireless.

Here is my ranking at number 9 as of this writing:

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