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May Fade, but not Run

So I am driving home from work the other day, and the truck in front of me has this bumper sticker that says “These Colors Don’t Run” and has a picture of the American flag. Only problem is the ink they used for the red was severely sun faded. You could vaguely see where the red was, but it was very washed out. That really struck me as funny. They really should have put some thought into the inks they selected. It would have been even worse if the colors ran in the first ran. I tried to take a picture, but it really didn’t come out. You will need to use your imagination.

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  1. Roshambo

    I have seen that bumper sticker …and I raise you a cheap flea market t-shirt. I saw one today while I was up in Sumpter Oregon…the ink was coming off in my hand as I touched it. I showed it to the couple that were selling it and pointed out the irony. They did not find it funny.

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