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Superior color sense of women

I guess the University of Arizona did some research and found
women do have superior color sense over men. I am pretty sure I can see how this went.

Scientist: What color is this?

Man: Green.

Woman: It is not green, it is more of a medium sea foam.

Scientist: How about this one?

Man: That is green too.

Woman: How can you be so blind? It is a spring green.

Scientist: And this one?

Man: Still green.

Woman: That isn’t green, it is chartreuse if I have ever seen it!

Scientist: OK, something different this time.

Man: Oh, this is easy. That is red.

Woman: Red? You call that red? It is definitely crimson!

Scientist: Interesting. How about this?

Man: Blue?

Woman: Hardly. It is cornflower!

Scientist: Ok, then how about this?

Man: I’m going to go with purple.

Woman: Closer to orchid.

Scientist: Thank you, that was all very interesting.

Man: Sure, whatever. I get paid for this right?

Woman: Next time I would recommend using more of a misty rose border on your cards. It would especially bring out the differences between moccasin and Navajo white. Also for your lab coat, if you wore a linen finish it would bring out the chiffon flecks in your eyes.

Of course they didn’t ask a geek:

Scientist: What color do you see here?

Geek: Do you want it in CMYK or RGB?

Scientist: Excuse me?

Geek: For RGB I am going to say #66CDAA.

Scientist: That wasn’t the type of answer we were looking for.

Geek: I’m sorry, I just assumed you wanted hexadecimal. How about 102, 205 and 170, based on a 255 scale naturally. Hey, does that laptop support 802.11i or 802.11n? I would recommend those over g or b, and you certainly aren’t using a, are you?

Scientist: Will you stop touching my laptop! Can we get a new test subject in here?

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t trying to convey women as nagging, but guys just don’t care about the differences between the colors. This indifference to colors usually seems to drive most woman crazy.

I am sure if we men do suffer from a lack of ability to differentiate colors it is due to evolution after years of not using the ability. Since as we all know the second law of thermodynamics says that the entropy in a system only increases with time, so evolution can only result in a degradation of a system.

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