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Guest Book

This is my guest book. If you want to contact me, or leave a comment that isn’t about a specific post then you can do that here. I’ll get an email letting me know you posted.

You might be curious why I added a guest book. I figured this is the easiest way for visitors to to leave comments that are not related to a specific article. It is also an easy way to contact me.



  1. Anonymous


    Any idea where I could find all of the pictures of Grandpa’s Indian Artifacts? I was told that they were linked to your site, but I can’t seem to find them.

    -Holly McKeeth

  2. Anonymous

    Coming to you from Camp Lejeune NC, US Marine Corps tankers 2nd Tank Battallion approve of this website. See you all after I get through with Iraq. Take care.
    -PFC McKeeth, D. USMC

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Jim,
    I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your postings & stories.
    Hello to all friends and family reading the guest book.
    Rebecca Nierodzinski

  4. Anonymous

    Jim, this is danielle…You might remember me from long ago, was good friends with Beccy..anyways, trying to find her again, been sooo long since i’ve talk to her. can you pass my email along to her please.. thank you so very much

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