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How do I sync using Wireless?

I have Sony Clie UX50, which has 802.11b wireless. You can hotsync it over the wireless, but the settings are a little odd to do so. Every now and again I screw my settings up (like by letting the battery die!) and need to re-enter them. Since I refer to this often I thought I would post it to my blog for everyone that owns a UX50.

This originally was found in a FAQ on Artificial Lives. I made a few adjustments though.

In order to sync over a WiFi connection you need to have an existing 802.11b network and your “Primary PC” must be accessible via that network. Usually this will mean you will have a wireless router connected to the same network as your PC. Alternatively you could have your PC accessible via a public IP address, or your PC could just have an 802.11b card in it.

If you have a firewall (which XP does by default) then you will need to either disable it or allow the network port for your hotsync application. On my PC this is port 14238.

Next check your settings in the following applications for the following settings:

In the HotSync app

  • Set Local/Modem to: Modem (above center main HotSync Icon)
  • Below center main HotSync Icon: Set to Wireless LAN
  • Modem Sync Preferences: Network
  • LANSync Preferences: LANSync
  • Primary PC Setup – Primary PC Name: !! *
  • Primary PC Setup – Primary PC Address: **
  • Primary PC Setup – Subnet Mask: **

Network Preference Settings

It is easiest is to just scan and let it auto detect your network!

  • Service: Wireless LAN
  • Profile Name: Any name you want to give it.
  • Network ID: any (the correct SSID can be set later)
  • WEP Key: None (can be added later)
  • ConnectMode: Infrastructure
  • IP Address & DNS address: Auto checked on both.
  • PowerSaveMode: Leave unchecked until you are up and working!

* Your Primary PC name should actually be !! (two exclamation marks). Don’t ask me why, but if you actually specify the machine name it won’t work.

** The Primary PC address and subnet mask is found by right clicking the HotSync Manager Icon in the system tray. Select setup, Network, TCP/IP Settings.

Click on the hotsync icon in your desktop’s tray.

Change the setting from “Cradle” to “Network.”

Then, under “Setup,” and then “Network,” authorize your ux50’s name as an authorized sync-er.