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Congratulations to Russ on Graduating

A good friend of mine, Russ Ogilvie, just graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Utah State University. I’ve known Russ for almost 10 years. We worked together at Micron PC (now MPC) in Technical Support. Russ was working there when I started and he was one of the guys I set with to learn the ropes.

He has always been one of those really smart guys that like thinking about complex math equations and stuff like that. Even before he was attending school he would spend his free time reading math books and figuring out things on the computer. Then he would tell me about some neat thing he learned and I would try to follow what he was explaining. It was always something cool.

When we worked at Micron PC there was a patent program where you could submit patent disclosures and the company would review them and decide which to persue. I had been involved in the program for a while after I moved into engineering, and knowing that Russ was a smart guy I told him about it too. He would submit like 10 disclosures a month, which was probably a record.

A number of his inventions ended up being pursued by other companies a few years later. They were ahead of the time. For instance he came up with a method of using the mechanical motion of typing on a laptop keyboard to help regenerate the batteries. It wasn’t much, but would help. Micron PC didn’t pursue it, but later Compaq did. He is always thinking.

I wish Russ and his family the best!

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  1. Amy

    Jim, you are the nicest guy ever! Our friendship with you and Dawn is hands down the best thing we gained from living in Nampa! Thanks so much for being such a wonderful and supportive friend! You’re awesome! 🙂


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