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Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

Checkout the RocketBoom Video Blog with Amanda Congdon for December 2nd. It would appear she is at a university questioning people as they walk by if they prefer Internet Explorer or Firefox. From my own field tests I showed that Firefox was way ahead of Internet Explorer among my visitors, and growing at a very fast rate.

It is interesting that in the video everyone who gave a “why” for Firefox, gave a feature of Firefox, or an advantage, even if only a perceived advantage. Everyone who said Internet Explorer and gave a “why” their reasons were like “Because I don’t know any better”, “I never heard of Firefox”, “It came with my computer”, etc.

This reinforces my theory / argument that using Internet explorer is like buying a picture frame and leaving the filler picture in place. The only reason to do this is either you don’t know anyone who’s picture you can put in, you don’t realize the picture is removable, or you lack the ability to change the picture.

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  1. Yacoubean

    I like the picture frame analogy. Of course, like all analogies, it doesn’t hold if you try to be too literal with it. Do people buy a picture frame for the picture that is in it, or to display a picture? Of course, they want to display a picture, and the frame performs this job admirably when they change out the picture (as most people would). People can get the same effect by using IE, but if they want a really good browsing experience, they will opt for the more expensive, real wood frame that comes with glare reducing, scratch resistant glass. 🙂

  2. Jim McKeeth

    I love analogies, and you are right, they don’t hold up if you take them too far, if they did then they wouldn’t be analogies anymore, they would be examples.

    Everyone always says that about analogies though. Interestingly the American Heritage dictionary defines an Analogy as Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar. So they have to be dissimilar for it to be an analogy, which means it won’t hold up if you are literal.

    So an example would be someone buying a computer and only using the software that was preloaded on it and never installing anything

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