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Gmail Storage Space: Take 2

I previously reported that my Gmail usage statistics as of October 24th:

You are currently using 547 MB (21%) of your 2657 MB.

I was watching that percentage for a while and I got a rather large attachment which bumped me to 22%. I decided to stick it out a little longer to see if the average came back down to 21%. It did not. Here are my usage statistics as of December 13th:

You are currently using 577 MB (22%) of your 2673 MB.

Still not bad for almost 50 days of heavy email usage.

For some reason I took a long time to post this. Now it is January 5th. Since December I unsubscribed from a lot of the mailing lists I didn’t read anyway, subscribed to a few more, started 3 more Yahoo!Groups & GoogleGroups and made some new friends. I still get a lot of email, and still don’t delete very much of it. Here is my new usage statistics:

You are currently using 574 MB (21%) of your 2681 MB.

My total use decreased, so percentage also decreased. Curious where that 3 MB of email went I looked in my trash folder. Despite the warning that “(messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days will be automatically deleted)” I still found all my trash back to August of 2004. Looking in my Spam folder showed that they are in fact deleting spam over 30 days old since it only goes back to December 6th, 2005. When I checked my spam folder before it went back much farther then that. So I am guessing that the missing 3 MB of mail was Spam, so it really isn’t missed very much.

Just in case you are curious, over 73 days Gmail gave me an additional 24 MB of storage. That is about a third (1/3 or 0.33) of a megabyte of storage per day. So as long as I get around a third of a megabyte of email per day then I will stay at about 21% usage. If not then I will need to start emptying my trash, and deleting more emails.

Since I know you are all really curious about how many emails I have:

  • 545 Spam (30 days worth)
  • 423 Trash (since August of 2004)
  • 8352 Other messages
    • 2611 Inbox messages
    • 1577 unread inbox messages

That doesn’t tell you how many unread messages there are outside my inbox. In all honesty I will probably never read them anyway, unless they show up in my search at some point. Same is most likely true for most of the 1577 unread messages in my inbox. So much email, so little time.

I probably could stand to delete more email and unsubscribe from more mailing lists.

Just so you know, I do read and reply to all my personal email.

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