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Serenity Quote

The movie Serenity is full of great quotes. Joss Wheaton is just a great writer. Listening to the DVD commentary he said that he had a lot of long sections of dialog that were actually cut out. I guess he is really into conversation.

This quote is one of my favorites, and it is in the first 9 minutes of the movie, even before the credits run. The scene it is from forshadows one of the last few scenes in the movie beautifully and it establishes the new character of the Operative very nicely.

  • The Operative: You know, in certain ‘older’ civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.
  • Dr. Mathias: Well, unfortunately, I forgot to bring a sword.
  • Dr. Mathias: [as the Operative pulls out his sword] I would put that down right now if I were you.
  • The Operative: Would you be killed in your sleep, like an ailing pet?
  • Fight ensues. Dr. Mathias attempts escape. The Operative paralyzes him and then places the sword so he can fall on it. After he falls on the sword, before he dies.
  • The Operative: This is a good death. There’s no shame in this. In a man’s death, a man who has done fine works.

You can watch the first 9 minutes online even.

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  1. Amy

    I really liked Serenity when I first saw it. I’m a Joss fan from way back and I wanted to support it. Well, Russ and I just finished watching Firefly a couple weeks ago and let me say, I LOVE Serenity. It means so much more knowing the back story. I’m a total Simon/Kaylee fan… hee hee. I’m such a girl. But if you haven’t seen the series, watch it! If you have, isn’t it GREAT!?! šŸ™‚ And yes, Joss is a fantabulous writer.

  2. Words

    The Operative will be remembered as one of the great Movie Bad Guys. Evil, but played with such honesty, that while you never cheer for him, you understand his motives… Joss nailed it. Such greeat lines…

    “It is Love, in point of fact.”

    The other thing that Joss does not get due credit for is his ability to film a great martial art fight scene. Whether played as a dance, as in River’s fight in the bar… or the West fighting style vs. Easternh Maritial Art between the Operative and Mal. Mal even pulls the shirt over operative at one point… Like some Hockey fight.

    Great movie fights appear real and beuatiful at the same time. Joss nails that too.

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