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The History of Food

Now I really enjoy food. I think most people do. I also find the history of food really interesting. Thanks to this Food Time Line anyone can explore when foods were introduced and the history behind them.

For example, did you know Fried Chicken was introduced in the 1st Century AD? Or that the Marshmallow was originally from a plant? Maybe you are looking for an authentic 1660 recipe for Marzipan?

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  1. Yacoubean

    That’s a very cool site. It’s always interesting to see where different foods and food traditions originated.

    I’m a big fan of food, and try to keep up with the habit as much as possible. In fact, I have a tradition/ritual where I use food at least 2 to 3 times a day. I know I’m weird, but what can I say? 😉

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