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Famous Potatoes?

Living in Idaho whenever I travel people ask me about Idaho potatoes.  They are famous, and they are good, but I honestly don’t know any potato farmers.  If you look in the news in Idaho you see more industry news about high tech companies like Micron then you do about potatoes.  Now State Senator Hal Bunderson wants to change our state slogan from “Famous Potatoes”.

Sen. Bunderson points out that not only is our major export no longer potatoes, but is instead High Technology, but potatoes are not even the top agricultural export.  More milk and livestock are exported then potatoes.  We also export a very significant amount of cheese.

My thoughts?  It would be nice to have Idaho recognized for its major contributions to the high technology industry.  At the same time we do have really, really good potatoes.  As far as uniqueness, there are a lot of exporters of technology, Silicon Valley is the first place that comes to mind for most.  But when it comes to good potatoes, everyone thinks of Idaho.  To be the best of a small battle is worth more then an also ran in a large battle.

Maybe we need a cyborg potato to represent the fact Idaho is a leader in both agriculture and technology. . . .