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Red Beans and Jambalaya Rice recipe

I make this Red Beans and Jambalaya Rice dish that everyone loves.  Well, either they love it or they run screaming saying that their lips have been burned off.  It is spicy, but very, very flavorful.
The secret is peppers and lots of them in a variety.  If you like it less spicy then reduce the number of peppers (or choose a milder pepper).  Start out small and add more.  A variety of peppers increases the flavor and the heat.  Too many of one pepper, or reducing the peppers down, causes more heat and not the flavor.

Most of this is a rough estimate.  Experiment and see what you like.

I use a package of Zatarans Jumbalaya Rice mix, but interestingly I served this to someone once and they said they wanted the recipe because it was so much better then that Zatarans stuff they always have.  Like I said, the secret is the peppers.  Well actually the secret is the combination of ingredients playing off each other, but the heat comes from the peppers.

Red Beans and Jambalaya Rice recipe:

  • Aprox 1 lb of smoked sausage / polish sausage – favorite variety, usually spicy
  • Onions – I usually use 2 table spoons of dried onions
  • Peppers – Jalapeno, cayenne, chili, hot red, etc.  – I used a Ziploc bag full – maybe a dozen peppers.  Be aware of the relative heat of each pepper.  12 Jalapenos is good, 12 Habaneros is dangerous.  I mix fresh, frozen and dried.  Fresh or frozen are the best.
  • 2 Cans Red Beans – The canned is better then the dry.
  • 1 Box of Zatarans Jumbalaya Rice mix

Chop sausage (I like small pieces, but do what you like).  Sauté onions and fry sausage, I usually use butter spray.  If you have a Cajun spice or some other spice (black pepper, onion salt, etc.) you like then add some here. Chop peppers really small.  Add peppers to the fry pan on medium heat with onions and sausage.  As soon as the peppers start to soften they are ready.  If your eyes or nostrils start to burn then you are vaporizing the capsaicin, which reduces the heat of the peppers.  Immediately remove from heat.  Prepare Zatarain’s as directed, adding the above mixture when it asks for the meat (right after the water boils, when you add the rice mixture.)  Finish cooking as directed or to taste.

Tip: Have the Zatarain’s ready to put the pepper/meat/onion mixture in as soon as it is ready.

Top with shredded cheese if desired (will reduce heat a little.)

Serve with buttered bread and root beer.  Keep milk and ice cream handy.

I love to make more then can be eaten at one sitting since the flavors mix over night.  It generally gets hotter for a few days, then starts to cool off, but you never know.