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More on Consciousness

Talk about finding what you are looking for. I caught this quote on a quote of the day list I am on. It is really relevant to what I was saying yesterday on Choosing Thoughts.

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal ExperienceEntropy is the normal state of consciousness – a condition that is neither useful nor enjoyable.

-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Author of Flow book series

If we consult the American Heritage Dictionary (via it defines entropy (first 2 definitions only) as
  1. For a closed thermodynamic system, a quantitative measure of the amount of thermal energy not available to do work.
  2. A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.

I love that first definition “energy not available to do work” since that perfectly describes the normal state of conciousness for most people. Their mind is spinning with all these thoughts that do no empower them. The stage of their mind is devoted to energy that is not available to work. Since everything is energy we know that thoughts are also energy, so this is a literal definition.

I just thought it was amazing how I was just writing about this and then I find a great quote to go along with my point. I’ve conditioned my subconscious well.