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Best Picture Accompaning a News Article

National Geographic magazine has an article on the feasibility of an invisibility cloak.  There is an illustration accompanying it.  I must say, it is the best photo accompanying a news article I have ever seen. Here is the photo caption.

In an artist’s conception a cloak of invisibility is arranged against a white background. In the May 25, 2006, issue of the journal Science, researchers lay out design specifications for materials that they say will be able to bend electromagnetic radiation—including light—around space of any size and shape.

Once you have a picture in your mind of what you expect to see, take a look at the illustration.  I hope Ted Chamberlain was well compensated for his work!


  1. Jake

    Man, I’m slow. I’m sitting there looking at that picture, thinking my browser must have missed downloading it or something…

  2. Jim

    Yeah, that is the same thing I did when I first saw it. I was trying to figure out why my browser wasn’t displaying that picture right.

  3. Amy

    I walked right into that one. Lol!

    Geez! I don’t check for a few days and you’ve updated all over the place. 😉 Welcome back!

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