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iPod Nap

Taking 15 – 30 minute naps during the day is a great way to get your energy up, even when you are not doing polyphasic sleep. One problem though is how to wake up when it is time, especially when you are not at home.

Dual alarm with nap timerAt home my wife got me a great dual-alarm clock with a nap timer. You hit a button and it will wake you up in a fixed period of time. The dual alarm is great for the polyphasic sleep too. Dawn uses it to wake up in the middle of the night for up time, and then I use the second alarm to get up in the morning.

I was using my cell-phone’s alarm to wake up from naps, but it is a pain to set, and was not 100% reliable. I came up with this great solution that I really like: the iPod Nap.

How it works:

  1. Create a play list. I have 3 playlists for naps: they are named 15 minute nap, 20 minute nap, and 30 minute nap.
  2. Add meditative, relaxing or soft music to take up the amount of time you want the nap to be. I have some hypnosis tracks I use.
  3. Highly Strung is on Bond's Classified albumAdd some high energy and loud music to wake you up, after the soft music. I use Bond’s Highly Strung from their album Classified.
  4. Play the playlist in sequential play (non-random).
  5. Sleep during the soft / relaxing tracks, wake up for the high energy track.

This works great! Using the same soft music reminds my body it is nap time, so I go to sleep quicker, and every single time I wake up right away with the high energy music. Since I carry my iPod most of the time I am always ready to take a nap. The added bonus is the headphones block out a lot of the background noise so I can sleep easier, and without interruptions.

4 GB iPod NanoIf you don’t have an iPod then you can get any portable MP3 player that supports playlists. You don’t even really need that much storage capacity.

Enjoy your naps!


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  2. Brad

    You should check out the MP3s I have hosted on my site, they werent created by me but rather another poly-phasic sleeper. They play white noise for various lengths (I use the 23 min one) then slowly wake you up with various noises such as birds and then techno music. I’ve become so accustomed to napping with them that I wake up as soon as the white noise ends and never even hear the wake up sounds.

    I couldn’t imagine polynapping without them 😀

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