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Polyphasic Sleep – Day 1

Today, being Monday, found me at work during the day.  I work a traditional cubicle dwelling 8 to 5 job as a Software Engineer.

I actually woke up later then I planned, but I still got to work at a good time and took two 15 minute naps at work. The first was in the morning, so I went out and laid down in my car. Afterwards I realized that in the afternoon that would be a hot place to nap, unless I wanted to start parking in the garage, which is a long walk. Plus I plan to go back to riding the bus again to work, so I won’t have a car to sleep in. Need to come up with another option.

Since I have gotten good at the 15 minute REM power-nap I actually woke up on my own right before my cell phone’s alarm went off.  I imagine because I had a plan worked out this morning that is why I got sleepy at the scheduled times, then went to sleep and woke up as expected.

For my second nap I thought I would try sleeping in my cubicle, but that was too noisy, even with headphones on.  Next I tried the bathroom stall.  Again it was noise, and hard to breath.  At this point I was getting sleepy so I thought I would just go out to the car.  That is when it occured to me to grab an empty conference room.  I quickly found a quiet and dark conference room that is rarely used.  It was perfect.  Took my nap and woke up 20 minutes later.

After my nap I use some deep breathing and stretching to get myself woke back up again.  The result is I actually felt better, more alert and much more focused today.  My productivity was much higher and I was able to work out things very quickly.