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Polyphasic Sleep – New Plan

I didn’t get my evening nap last night, and then I ended up sleeping 8 hours for core and then only took 1 nap at work today.  Time to change plans.  Before I was kind of winging it, so I want a more defined plan.

I am going with a Core Uberman: 3 hours of core sleep and then 3 naps at 20 minutes each.  Total sleep time: 4 hours.  So I get at least an hour more then traditional Uberman, and a little more flexibility and longer time between naps.

Dawn and I worked out a schedule that works well with Dawn’s schedule, so I expect it to go well.  Now that I have a well defined schedule, with my naps programmed into my PDA, I will know when to sleep. 

How long will it take my body to adjust to this schedule?  Traditional Uberman is 2 weeks.  I suspect 1 week.  I operate really well with modified sleep schedules already, plus I have already adjusted my diet to a much healthier one


  1. Steve Lydick

    Just curious how your core sleep was working out and if you’d read any of my blogs. I’ve been working and tweaking with polyphasic core sleep for the last 3-4 weeks, so I can have the option to work an 8 hour day but still be awake 20 hours or so. I’ve had some stumbles but I’ve felt pretty good most of the time, just curious what your thoughts were.

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