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Ups and Downs of Polyphasic Sleep

It has been a little while since I posted about my polyphasic sleep. I have become a believer in 15 minute naps. If I sleep any longer then that then I get sleepy, but if I am 15 minutes or less then I feel great. My core has been giving me trouble with me ending up sleeping 5 or 6 hours then. If I go to bed early then I found I get thrown off completely. With the 15 minute naps I really feel great though. I am much more alert in general then when I was on monophasic sleep.

Bond - RemixedI have become a huge fan of my iPod naps. They work great. I got a new Bond CD in the mail today that I may start using for my wake-up. Because I have had success with my 15 minute iPod naps, and trouble with my core sleep I am thinking about going total Uberman. I don’t like the frequency of naps (every 4 hours) then, but at least I don’t need to worry about sleeping in from my core. . .
We will see what tomorrow holds. . . .


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