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IM in GAIM with AIM, MSN, ICQ and Y!

For the longest time I have used GAIM (pronounced game) for all my instant messaging. It is an open source, multiprotocol client with lots of extra features. Originally it was for Linux only, but they ported it to Windows finally. Before that I used Trillian, which is also multiprotocol, but I like GAIM better.

The networks I am on include Jabber (Google Talk), AIM (AOL), MSN (Microsoft), ICQ (AOL) and Y! (Yahoo!). Yesterday GAIM failed to connect to the MSN Network. Infact, it just blows up when it tries to connect. I tried a few different versions, both older and newer, and none of them worked. It was right after I applied one of those security updates to Windows XP.  But it only fails on one machine (might be time for a reload . . . )
So if I want to be on the MSN network I need to find a different client. Well, I don’t like Trillian enough to run it for just one network, and I really don’t like the MSN client. A while back I read that Yahoo! and Microsoft were integrating their IM networks. I am sure this was in response to Google entering the chat arena, as well as the fact that AOL was eating everyone else’s lunch. So I thought I would give the Y! client a try.

Sure enough, if you download the latest version of Y! Messenger, then click the link at the top of the window that says you can message people on MSN, log into their site and sign-up for the beta program, and then you can IM people on the MSN Live Network. Unfortunately for the people on the MSN network to recieve messages from you then need to go through similar gyrations. They must download the latest MSN Live Messenger client (which is different then MSN Messenger for some reason), then click a link and sign up for a beta.  On the MSN side you can cut to the chase by visiting here the MSN Live Site and clicking to Try MSN Live Messenger.

Don’t worry if your requests to add your close friends to your buddy list go unanswered as there seems to be some issues with this still, and if they are running an old enough version of the client they may never get your request.
So now, since I like Y! better then MSN, and I can’t use GAIM for MSN, I am using Y! for MSN and Y! even though GAIM works for Y! since I can’t use Y! for just MSN without using it for Y! as well. I am still using GAIM for AIM, ICQ and Google Talk’s Jabber network.

Now if you want to get ahold of me:

  • My AIM network account is Cyber8086 (they used to restrict the length)
  • My Y! network account is JimMcKeeth
  • My ICQ network account is 32238937
  • My MSN network account is
  • My Google Talk network account is (but subject to change)
  • And of course my good ole reliable email is
  • If that still isn’t enough then you can call my cell (on the Verizon Wireless network) at 208-989-5466, and leave me a message.