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Soul Defined

Ben “Lemming Lord” Bauer defines the soul as:

The soul is that part of someone that is invulnerable.

I thought that was a cool definition, but then I got to thinking. . . .I believe the Soul is malleable – it changes and grows with the person. I’ve never considered the vulnerability of it, but being malleable would indicate it could be damaged. If it could be damaged then could it be destroyed?

I don’t think a soul can be destroyed. When someone’s frail physical form is destroyed then their soul lives on. I would say a soul is indestructable, but not invulnerable (am I being a nit picker?)

A person’s concious mind acts as the gatekeeper for their soul, so their soul is only damaged if they allow it be be damaged. Usually someone just doesn’t open their soul up for attact . . . it is a slow process consisting of small attacks. Kind of like boiling a frog – increase the temperature slowly, or the frog will jump out (not that I have ever cooked one, but that is how I hear to do it.)

What do you think?

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    well i think that the soul is destructable. because the truth of it all is that when you eave your body then you are present with the lord. there is no and’s, if’s, or but’s about it. your soul is hear on earth as a temporary body and when you die you go either to a place where your soul lives forever of to a place where you soul goes to a second death. you ask what place is this? well it makes people uncomfortable to think of this place and the want to push it off or think that there isnt that kind of place. you cant open your soul or nothing. it is in you until the day you die. god gives us a chance to escape from the awful place by sending his son in to the world. john 3:16 “for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, tha whosoever believes in him will not perish ( in hell) but have everlasting life (in heaven) you soul can die twice and you have to make the choice to not push it off and just realize the gift that god sent to us through his son.

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