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Why Curiosity Killed The Cat

This is actually a misconception. Most people assume it was the cat’s curiosity that killed it. This is not the case. It all comes from the story of Schrödinger’s cat. (answer bellow)

A cat is placed in a sealed box. Attached to the box is an apparatus containing a radioactive nucleus and a canister of poison gas. This apparatus is separated from the cat in such a way that the cat can in no way interfere with it. The experiment is set up so that there is exactly a 50% chance of the nucleus decaying in one hour. If the nucleus decays, it will emit a particle that triggers the apparatus, which opens the canister and kills the cat. If the nucleus does not decay, then the cat remains alive. According to quantum mechanics, the unobserved nucleus is described as a superposition (meaning it exists partly as each simultaneously) of “decayed nucleus” and “undecayed nucleus”. However, when the box is opened the experimenter sees only a “decayed nucleus/dead cat” or an “undecayed nucleus/living cat.”

So it was Schrödinger’s curiosity that killed the cat. The reason his curiosity didn’t kill a jackalope or dog was because all Schrödinger had was a cat.

UPDATE: Since some people are concerned I might be serious, and they missed the “humor” category of the post, I thought I would explicitly state that this is a joke.  It is funny.  Laugh.


  1. Jake

    You put ‘Cat’ in the title. I’m automatically compelled to click any link with ‘Cat’ in the title. You exploit my weaknesses without shame.

    Poor kitty.


  2. Freddy Savage

    That’s a good theory. Too bad the saying was in use well before Schrödinger was born, though. No worries, though, nobody else on teh interweb is hindered by facts either.

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  4. Valdo

    That is the silliest, most ridiculous joke I have ever heard.
    You are a time waster, I clicked on it as I was actually searching for the real story.
    That’s what I found.
    Please get something more useful to do with your time…

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