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What do you see in a Card Board Tube?

Card Board TubeWhat do you see here? Surprisingly it might have something to do with your age or gender. As an adult you might see a card board tube left over from Christmas gift wrap.

For our little boys it is a sword mostly. But it also makes a great telescope, megaphone, bat, baton, etc.

Our little girls on the other hand saw something totally different. They saw a pony, a wand or a puppy.

So what do you see? Can you see something else?

I heard a story once about a school teacher putting a white dot on the chalk board for a kindergarten class. She asked them what it was and they came up with around 50 different ides of what it was, including owl’s eye, white hole, a period, a snowflake, etc.

That same white dot on a similar chalkboard in front of high school students resulted in a long tense silence until someone ventured the guess of “a dot” and were obviously unsure of their answer.

What do you do to practice creativity on a regular basis?

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  1. mikeT

    I see a tremendously powerful engine or two for a home made mylar hot air balloon. Slather the inside with sterno and stand back!

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