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The Passion of Paul Potts

I don’t watch hardly any TV, and when I do it is not a reality show, especially not one of the star search variety like American Idol. When I saw Nick Hodges post about Opera, I first figured it was the Web Browser. Then when I figured it was the musical style, I didn’t expect it to be the British version of American Idol.

I actually enjoy Opera after discovering Amici Forever after watching their ‘Senza Catene’ video through Winamp.  I picked up their Opera Band and Defined CD’s from Amazon and love them!

So I went to checkout the video’s Nick linked to, and it was great, but one of my pet peeves about YouTube is the quality, so I popped out to (requires the DivX web plugin!) and I found they had the videos there with much better audio and video quality.

The first video is Paul Potts’ audition.   The great thing about this video is Paul walks out looking a little disheveled and very unassuming.  When he tells them he is going to sing Opera you can see the judges raise their eye brows in an “Oh no!”  Since Opera is probably one of the most difficult singing styles I am sure they expected a painful experience.  What I love is almost immediately, when he starts singing, you see the surprise on the judges faces.  The audience and judges reaction is great.  I’ll let you watch it.

In the Simi-finals, Paul Potts comes back in a nice suite with some obvious production value improvements to his performance.  His performance was once again amazing, but I think I still enjoyed the piece from his audition better.

When Paul was back for the finals he once again gave a great performance.   You see the audience members waving signs with pictures.

I still think his audition was the best, just because the contrast was so high between the expectation and what we got.  Plus I really liked the piece he performed.  I went out to Wikipedia and read up on Britain’s Got Talent and Paul Potts. Paul did inded win the competition, and also was signed to a recording contract and to record his debut album.

What I really love about Paul, beyond his great signing voice is he is living his passion.  He says that singing has always been his passion, and now he is living it.  I watched a couple of the other video’s from the finalists, and they were good, and passionate, but I really felt it more from Paul.  While everyone may not get to win a large sum of money or a recording contract by living your passion, I still believe that is the best way to go.

Live your passion!

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  1. Fernando Madruga

    My first introduction to this video was from Nick Hodge’s post, and every single time I see the 1st performance video, it amazes me: the contrast between a simple-looking guy and the face of the judges when he says he’s there to “sing opera”, and the look on their faces when he starts to sing is simply indescribable… 🙂

    Thanks for the high-def links BTW!

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