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High IQ or High EQ?

With IQ being Intellectual Quotient (ability to understand and organize information), and EQ being Emotional Quotient (ability to understand and organize people).  If we were to assume that they are mutually exclusive so a person could only have one or the other, which would you want?


I would want a high EQ.  That would make it easy to surround myself with people who know more then me (people with a high IQ and low EQ).  My high EQ would allow me to know if they were being honest with me when they gave me advice and answered my questions.  In exchange I would help them connect with others who have specialized knowledge in other areas.

It isn’t WHAT you know, but WHO you know.  I would know all the people who had all the answers, and they would want to share those answers with me.

Thanks to Tricia Ho in Australia for the question via LinkedIn.


  1. Jake Munson

    I think IQ is overrated. There are actually a few different types of measurable intelligence, including emotional. You can be intelligent athletically, spatially, linguistically, etc. But even with these newer types of recognized intelligence, society still focuses in IQ. Personally, I like to think truly intelligent people are those that excel at a number of intelligence types.

    It’s been a while since I came to your site Jim (I usually just read your posts through RSS), nice design.

  2. Joseph Lee

    Well, I would think that having a high EQ might be great, and so would having a High IQ. The only thing with having a high EQ (in my experience ( I have an estimated IQ of 148 and EQ of 150) is that despite being able to empathize and understand others, sometimes it’s quite annoying because of emotional problems you may encounter in life. Remember that having a higher EQ means you are more emotional, and thus it will make you more vulnerable to diseases caused by emotional problems, such as depression. Also, this is only my opinion, but females and gay males would generally have higher EQs than Straight males and lesbians, as they’re amygdalas (a part in your brain that functions for emotional abilities) are more developed. (as recently found in researches.

    hahaha….AND YES SOMETIMES>…PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU ARE REALLY WEIRD (or that’s the case for me—;;;) cuz you have LAUGH SPASMS and CRYING SPASMS, but that may just be me…
    sorry about the crappy reply, but hey, I’m only 13 and Korean;;;

    (and no, not all High IQ and EQ people are this garrulous)

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