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Advice for Girl Scouts

So I was leaving the grocery store last night when a Girl Scout asked me “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?”  I bought a box, but I also offered her some advice on selling.  While, I have not used these techniques to sell cookies directly, I suspect they might would.  I thought I would share these tips with anyone else interested.

First of all, do not ask “Would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?”  That is probably the worse thing you could ask, because it puts people on the defensive and forces them to make a decision right away.  Besides, they probably saw you there and figured you were selling cookies.  This is what they expect you to ask, and if they say no, they ended the offer.

Probably the best thing to ask is “What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie?”  Most people will have a favorite kind of cookie, and thinking about it will remind them how much they like your cookies.  This is also what is called an “open ended question,” which most answers leave them open to buying cookies.

Second of all, know your cookies.  It seems like you have some that are fat free or low calorie.  If they say they don’t eat cookies, then ask them if they knew about your fat free or low calorie cookies?

Once you know what their favorite flavors are, and they know that they can eat these delicious cookies on their diets, then a great way to close the sale is ask them “How many boxes do you want?”  Hold up their favorite flavor, or the one that is compatible with their diet.  Let them know you have more in the van, so not to worry about buying too many.

Next ask them if there is any other flavor they would like, or ask them if there is someone else they would like to buy some cookies for.  This is a great way to increase on the sale you have already made.

If they say they already bought some cookies, or when they have selected a few boxes, ask them “Did you know that Girl Scout Cookies freeze really well?” then you might ask them if they have any freezer space available.

The key is to ask open ended questions (ones with more then a Yes/No answer) when possible, and handle any objections with an acknowledging question.  Make a list of any objections you get from them, and then before the next day come up with a good way to handle them.  For example, if they say they already bought some, you tell them thanks, and ask them if they have freezer space.

Come up with questions and answers that work for you and that you are excited about, then practice.  Good luck!