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My New RV

Leo just IM’ed me about this new RV. He saw it on Top Gear, and the reason he was telling me about it is they incorporate my idea of a faucet that has an LED inside that changes color based on the temperature – red for hot, blue for cold and some shade of purple for warm.

Of course it has a number of other cool features, like stowing a car under the RV instead of towing it behind. That site doesn’t have the price, but Leo said it is about 1.5 millions dollars. I suspect it is a complete custom job though. I doubt it will sell retail.

Luxury Tunned Bus 2

I remember riding around with my grandparents in their RV when I was a kid. They towed a little orange hatch back behind it that my Grandpa called the “Orange crate.” We would spend a week in some RV park over summer vacation. My grandparents would head south in the winter though. Snow birds I believe they were called.