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Nuttin’ But Spam

Thanks to Kevin who just introduced me to The FuMP – The Funny Music Project. Basically it is a collection of daily funny songs, each released under creative commons. I listed to a couple of songs and found this one particularly funny:

Robert Lund – Nuttin’ But Spam

My reasoning for finding this particularly funny is every now and again someone will send spam with one of my email addresses (yes, I have a few) as the source, and then I get all the bounces. This is pretty much unblockable on my end since the content is incredibly diverse, and each comes from a different address. It usually lasts a day or two, but this last time it lasted 2 weeks and I was getting 500 emails an hour based on some random sampling. No doubt I lost some emails I wanted in my fight to control my inbox. Luckily it finally subsided down to a manageable 10-20 an hour, most of which my spam filter is catching.