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Dr. Horrible Isn’t Evil

Dr. Horrible isn’t horrible, it’s fantastic. I guess Dr. Fantastic wouldn’t be a really good name for a super villain though. And that would be an even worse catch phrase then “I have a PhD in horribleness!” (yes, it is a word.)

I just watched Dr. Horrible Act 1 and 2 again. I can hardly wait for Act 3 this Friday night at midnight (9 PM PST – Yippie!) It looks like I will be buying all three on iTunes, my first iTunes purchase ever.

First of all I really want to support Joss in making this available. I want it to be so wildly successful that he and others will make more good quality programming available like this. But probably more importantly, I don’t want to wait for the DVD to come out to see it again after Sunday when it goes offline. . . .

Besides the campy songs, catchy one-liners and cheese character names, the thing I really like is the complex Dr. Horrible character played by Neil Patrick Harris and the contrast with his arch nemisis Captain Hammer, played by Nathan Fillian. We have a protagonist and an antagonist, but in this case, the protagonist is Dr. Horrible, the super-villain wanna-be.

In the first act we are introduced to the main character, who happens to be a “bad guy.” We meet the good guy, but we are really rooting for the bad guy, and we are OK with that.

Interestingly, by the end of the second act we see that even though Dr. Horrible is on the wrong side of the law, he is the better man. While Captain Hammer is good buddies with the mayor, he is really not a very nice guy. So while we thought we were rooting for the bad guy, we were rooting for the good guy.

Now the only question is what will happen next. Will Dr. Horrible prove he is evil enough to Bad Horse to enter the Evil League of Evil? What will Penny think when she realizes that “Billy” is positively motivated, but willing to step outside the law to get there? What will become of Captain Hammer?

At the end of Act 1, before I saw Act 2, I actually entertained the idea that maybe Penny was a secret plant from the Evil League of Evil, sent to observe Dr. Horrible. After Act 2 I am pretty sure she is who she appears to be, but I am OK with being surprised in Act 3.

I just hope the sound track comes out soon.


  1. Dawn

    Well, I reluctanly watched Act 1 and found myself drawn in. After Act 2 I was so hooked! Loved the story and it’s hidden complexities. Most of the song I could listen to over and over and over!

    Bummer Act 3 totally sucked, ruining everything.

  2. Amy O

    Yeah, I have a phd in horribleness. I’ve had the songs stuck in my head for far too long to be healthy, but it was the same way for me with the musical eppie of Buffy. As for the ending, it was a TOTAL Joss Whedon ending. As soon as I saw it was a Mutant Enemy production I knew it wasn’t gonna end good. *sigh* He never lets us off easy, does he?

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