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Time to PodCast

Last week I decided to launch a Delphi podcast. It was a lot of work, but amazingly it all came together and I met my deadline of having the first episode online this morning. I did however discover it was very, very time consuming to put it together. I spent over 10 hours just making, editing and publishing the single 18 minute episode. That doesn’t include general site work. I expect the time necessary to go down.

It was very enjoyable process though, and it is great to get something done and have others enjoying it and giving positive feedback. Not sure if it is worth the time investment yet though. One thing I read about podcasting is that experience is a big part of it, so you need to start podcasting as soon as possible so you will be good at it when you need to be. Kind of like how you always burn the first pancake when you are camping.

In the long run the time invested in this podcast will pay off.