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Chasing my Tail

I am not making this up. My debit card has gotten the signature strip warn off the back, so I needed a new one. Unfortunately the little card services number is missing too.

  1. So I figured I would go to the web site and submit a request there.
  2. I get a response back the next day that I need to be logged into my online checking account to make that request – because they value my security.
  3. So I log into online banking and make the request again. Next time we log into our account we get a note telling us we need to call the office to make that request – because they value my security.
  4. So call the number and they tell me I need to visit the branch to make that request – because they value my security.
  5. I am yet to visit my local branch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me to go to branch I opened my account at – they have done that too me before. Only problem is now I have moved out of state. . .
I understand them having certain things that require you to be at an elevated level of security (even if it seems ridiculous to me), but it would seam they could tell me the correct level of security on the first request. I can’t imagine I need the progressive levels of security to get the information of the correct level of security.
Reminds me of the time I visited the DMV. . . .

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  1. ActualRandy

    I know the feeling – I left my card in the ATM and didn’t realize it for a few days. As it turns out, the bank policy is to shred it after 3 days, and it takes two weeks to get a new one. Which meant that my ISP and my hosting company both couldn’t bill me. So they both cut me off.

    Since I’m tired of my ISP anyway, I tried to get a new one. But all the competitors won’t make new accounts without debit cards, even my cable company, who is perfectly happy to provide cable service without a debit card.

    So when I wen to the bank and suggested that 3 days was too short an amount of time before shredding, they told me ‘it’s our policy’. As if that explained something other than they don’t care what I think!

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