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One of my favorite movies GATTACA is now on Hulu. It is a Sci-Fi movie about a world where they have completely sequenced the human genome, and within seconds of birth they can tell you your likelihood of diseases and life expectancy. Naturally they also have the ability to engineer humans with no genetic defects.

This results in two classes:

  • The Valid: Those with superior, non-flawed, engineered from conception, genetic makeup. These are the most desired employees for all the top professions: Doctors, Astronauts, etc.
  • The Invalid: Those with naturally occurring genetic makeup and flaws, the result of normal conception. Sometimes called love children. These are the new lower working class: Janitors, etc.

Vincent (Ethan Hawke) is a natural born child full of defects and predisposed to a heart trouble. He also has a dream of space travel. Enter Jerome (Jude Law), no dreams, but the genetics to have any position. Unfortunately Jerome broke his back and is paralyzed.

Now Vincent is a borrowed ladder: A person living life under the guise another’s genome. That will get him in the door at GATTACA – the premier space exploration agency, but how will he make it to the stars?

Simple, There is no gene for Human Spirit.