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Star Wars the Old Republic

It looks like someone might finally have my number when it comes to a massively multiplayer game (MMO):

I actually have not played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic yet, but I heard good things about it. It it wasn’t BioWare teamed with Lucas Arts for this game then I would have my doubts of them actually achieving the scope they are aiming for in this teaser. Star Wars The Old Republic looks really cool.


  1. ActualRandy

    Hey Jim – thanks for posting this. That’s an awesome trailer. I can’t believe you never played KOTR – it’s my number 3 all time favorite game. Given that you’re a Star Wars fan, I’m positive you’d be delighted to play it, and I’m sure you can get it cheap now that it’s been available for a couple of years.

    I agree, it does make me more likely to consider a MMORPG, but I didn’t hear them say anything about PKs or other nasty aspects of other online systems.

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